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The trusty DJI Phantom 4 Pro uses a 20 MP camera to provide a live clear image down to our flight station. The drone will fly within a 1km radius at around 100 m of altitude from the ground, during our tours.
The camera gimbal system provides very smooth camera movements, creating a cinematic feel to the video.

Released in summer 2017, the DJI Goggles are a relatively new device on the market. The device has a very clear high definition screen, large battery and a comfortable head mount. These qualities make it the ideal product for displaying aerial footage live from our drone.

Our flight stations are equipped with headphones. Video and audio go in pairs. For a more immersive experience we have you listening to music and a smooth narration from our guide about the sights you’re seeing. The headphones remove the noise from the background allowing you to focus on the views.

Visitors from all over the world drop around to admire the beauty of Tallinn, the best preserved medieval city in Northern Europe boasting Gothic spires, winding cobblestone streets and enchanting architecture.
Unlike many other capital cities in Europe, Tallinn has managed to wholly preserve its structure of medieval and Hanseatic origin. Due to its exceptionally intact 13th century city plan, the Old Town was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, joining the ranks of the world’s most recognised landmarks.

Confident that we can provide you a experience you will remember, we welcome our guests with a smile and aim to be useful, entertaining and polite. The team of Drone View Tours is dedicated in bringing you the beauty of Tallinn.
Meet our team at our Flight Station or contact us via the contact page if you want to share your thoughts or share our ambitions to show Tallinn for the marvel it is.

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