Just sit back, relax, and take in the best view of the city!

Everyone is familiar with drones, but only a few have the opportunity to fly them. Instead of walking around in the crowd, taking the same pictures as everyone else, sit back, relax we’ll take you on a tour of the city with views that are one of a kind. Our professional pilots do the flying, while showing you the most amazing views no other tour could possibly reach.


Thanks to recent developments in drone technology we are able to provide you with an aerial tour around the sights of the city to expand your sights to the sky.

Professional operators

Our drone captains have extensive knowledge and training and provide a smooth experience from take-off to landing


We have modelled our service to be a memorable experience. We achieve that by combining the best drone products available with professional staff and dedication.

Backround commentary or music

You can choose either to listen to some relaxing music on the background or detailed guide information about the sights being seen on the tour<